Glass Pearl Game
Pearl Game is a new strategy board game with dynamic movement of a set of pearls,
having virtually unlimited moves comparable to the game of Go. With the free program
you can play against a computer at a desired level of skill and you can readily learn
how to play. A board size of 17x17 is a formal size, but you can start even from 5x5.
(For playing the game, 1024x768 and 120dpi recommended)
free download(English) How to play(Japanese)

Pearl Five
Pearl Five is a simple game similar to Renju(Gomoku-Narabe), but with some exciting surprises.
free download (English)How to play (Japanese)

Pearl Maze
rules (Japanese)

Games and Puzzles
Games (Japanese) Puzzles (Japanese) History (Japanese)

free download (English) How to play (Japanese) problem123

Paper Sumo
Paper Sumo (Japanese)

by Eiji Tokunaga

updated on Feb.16, 2021

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